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Birds Of Prey -
Birds of prey taken mostly here around our home in the High Desert of Oregon USA
  • Rough-legged-Hawk-584twitter Rough-legged-Hawk-584twitter
  • Wild Oregon Owl 2982 twitter Wild Oregon Owl 2982 twitter
  • Rough-legged Hawk 740twitter Rough-legged Hawk  740twitter
  • Owl 752 twitter Owl 752 twitter
  • Red Tailed Hawk 301twitter Red Tailed Hawk 301twitter
  • osprey 443twitter osprey 443twitter
  • Northern Harrier 626twitter Northern Harrier 626twitter
  • hawk T38A1672twitter hawk T38A1672twitter
  • hawk T38A16732twitter hawk T38A16732twitter
  • hawk bird T38A9215twitter hawk bird T38A9215twitter
  • hawk 1706 twitter hawk 1706 twitter
  • hawk 2015-05-18 8x10 049twitter hawk 2015-05-18 8x10 049twitter
  • Golden Eagle Pair mrs twitter Golden Eagle Pair mrs twitter
  • golden eagle 3124twitter golden eagle 3124twitter
  • bald eagle pair 411twitter bald eagle pair 411twitter
  • american krestrel 138twitter american krestrel 138twitter
  • 181red tailed hawk twitter 181red tailed hawk twitter